Graduated in Geological Sciences in 1995 at the Sapienza University of Rome, specialized in geographic information systems applied to environmental analysis, spatial planning and civil protection, gaining experience by conducting advisory activities for Public Administrations Offices and Universities. Since 1998 he has been working with Tecnostudi Ambiente Srl, of which he is a board member, and covering the role of Chief Development Officier (CDO). In the field has developed innovative technologies for the calculation of the distributed water balance, integrated water management and the risk assessment of initial activation landslides.
He has deepened his knowledge working with modeling applications in the field of hydrogeology, hydraulics, slope stability, and development of GIS applications. He is currently teaching for a Master (level II) and some didactic universities’ workshops. He is the author of various publications for hydrogeology, water quality and pedology.

Phone: +39 3485911406