Andrea graduated in 2010 with a first class honor degree at the La Sapienza University of Rome faculty of Environmental Science, with specialization in monitoring techniques and environmental reclamation.
Since 2010 he has been working as a technical consultant with Tecnostudi Ambiente Srl. He bacame a board member since 2014, and he is currently covering also the positons as CTO (Chief Technology Officer).
The main activities involve public and private customers in the technological development for environmental monitoring and in the design of GIS systems for the management of environmental databases.
He is currently teaching at the University of Rome for the Master of Hydrogeological Risk Analysis and Mitigation that covers GIS and its application in the field of environmental data analysis and he is conducting courses on how to collect, manage and pubblish of territorial data in public and private spheres.
He has participated as a speaker at numerous conferences and workshops for the development and design of IT systems with the targets of optimize the environmental data analysis. He is the author of publications for the development of GIS/WebGIS applications and monitoring/analysys of environmental parameters on a national and european scale.
He has oustanding problem solving skills, able to produce and promote quickly new ideas, with excellent communication skills, and strong propensity to team work.

Phone: +39 3312850014