The geo-technology developed via web allows a better and deeper understanding of environmental phenomena making available new analysis and decisional tools to professionists who work in security, environmental protecion and sustainable use of resources sectors.


Tecnostudi Ambiente (TSA) develops analytics process (projects, rapresentations, hydraulic and geotecnic modelling) planning process (Contincency plan, land use, mining activities, Environmental inpact assessment) and management system (environmental database management, WEBGIS development, cloud platform and customized sensor) useful in sustainable environment and natural resources use.

Our Story

Tecnostudi Ambiente (TSA) S.r.l. is a company born in 1994 with the aim to combine the private sector with the Scientific research, in the fields of Natural Sciences and Engineering in order to achieve a more sustainable use of natural resources. TSA generally operates with five experienced geologists and engineers. When appropriate the company works in cooperation with highly skilled consultants as researchers and private companies. The company is owner of sophisticated Hardware tools and both commercial and opensource Software, providing advanced solutions in environmental fields. Moreover TSA provides technical consulting in some of the most important projects and plans proposed and approved in the last 15 years.


 Our specialist provides advanced solutions in the following fields


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